Emergency Preparedness Guide & Event Script for ALL
State-chartered Financial Institutions in Louisiana

In the event you have been impacted by the recent storms and flooding, we are providing links to OFI's Emergency Preparedness Guide and Event Script. While the Guide and Script give more specifics, the main items to be aware of include the following:

  1. Notify OFI of any branch or main office closures.

  2. All communications should include your institution's name and city of domicile and be sent to ofila@ofi.la.gov or 225/925-4548 (fax) or 225/925-4524 (fax).

  3. If you can't get through using the above numbers, please use any of the contact information in the Guide to notify OFI of your alternate contact information.

  4. If you suffer severe damage to a facility, you DO NOT need our approval to set up a temporary location as long as you notify us as soon as possible of the temporary location's address. We also suggest that you let your local customers know of any alternate locations by posting signs if possible.

  5. After severe weather, it is likely that the regulators will be calling to assess the damage afterwards. The Script will assist you in this regard. [NOTE: You do not submit responses to the script unless prompted.]

Emergency Preparedness Guide/Script

Please contact me directly with any questions. Sincerely,
Sid Seymour, Chief Examiner
LA Office of Financial Institutions
225/925-4675 Phone
225/925-4548 Fax
225/747-0718 Cell

Visit our website: www.ofi.la.gov

Updated August 25, 2017